People have asked, and we are posting the policies for weddings, funerals, etc. to this page.

Faith Policy on Attendance.

Why a policy? I want as Pastor to always connect with our people, and not receive a phone call, "why have you not called?" "Don't you care?" We do!

01) As a Pastor, I want you all to attend weekly worship, to receive the gifts of the Lord in Word and Sacrament.

02) After missing four Sundays, the Agape Team and Pastor will send a postcard with a follow up call.

03) After missing eight Sundays, Pastor will write a letter and call.

04) After twelve weeks and we still cannot obtain an answer, you will be placed on the "prayer and Concerned List". Yes, life gets in the way and we will be here when and if the Lord urges you to return to His Church at Faith.

As for shut-ins and "wiser in years" members. Pastor will contact and make a more customized list of "what to do."
You Church and this Pastor are committed to your care and well-being, as long as you are a member at Faith.

Wedding Policy.

It is the desire that a man and woman unit in marriage when the time is right and appropriate. Here are the policies that are in place concerning weddings at this Church:

01) Members of Faith Lutheran Church are eligible to be married at the Church, please contact Pastor Prentice to begin the process.

02) Non-members may be married at Faith, but are asked to join us in Divine Worship and possibly seek membership at Faith.

03) A period of pre-marital instruction will precede all marriages.

04) One important part of marital instruction is checking up on the newlyweds. After 6 months of marriage, the Pastor will arrange for post-marital counseling. This will most likely be an evening where we get together and talk over married life with a focus on how God is part of the equation.

05) When creating a wedding service, Gods Word will always be the central focus, so all hymns, readings, and other suggestions must be discussed with Pastor Prentice before we compile the wedding bulletin. Please be aware, only readings from the Holy Scriptures will be allowed.

06) To be married in Faiths sanctuary, you must ask permission of the Church Council. You may ask the Pastor and he will forward the request date(s) to the Council at the next meeting.

07) The Church also has a basement and a kitchen that can be used for the wedding reception; the Church Council must be requested as well

Funeral Policy.

All members and family of Faith can and should have a full Funeral Service at their Church, when the time comes that the Lord calls "all of us" home.

As your Pastor, you may:
01) Have your Wake at the Church.

02) The Funeral Service at the Church. OK, now if family and friends want to say words at the Service, it can be done before the Invocation, or after the Benediction.
In reality, when in God's House, it is God who does the talking.
So once God is done, before we leave, stay and talk and speak as long as you desire.

03) Words of the Lord spoken at the graveside.

Simply call Pastor for more information.

Use of the Fellowship Hall Policy.

All members of Faith can use the Fellowship Hall, simply ask a Council member or Pastor. We will discuss and approve, there is no charge.

We just ask to keep it as clean as it was when you started.