Bible Study after service - we are continuing our study of the Liturgy .

The Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus Divinity

The Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus Divinity

The Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus DivinityThe Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus Divinity

Upcoming Sunday Bulletin Notes


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    "The Transfiguration of Our Lord"

Welcome to Faith - Glad You Came!

Reverend David L. Prentice Jr., Pastor 

1(708)650-4082 (my cell) or 

1(630)567-4082 (Pat, my wife)

Pastor's Email: “” 

Deacon(s): Tim Graves


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The Coming Week(s) in Worship / Special Events at Faith

(Note: including the work being done at St. Paul; placed in italics so we are not confused).

02/23 - The Transfiguration of Our Lord celebrated at 9 am

02/23 - Bible Class at 10:30 am

02/26 - Ash Wednesday celebrated at 7 pm

(Potluck, come at 5 pm for dinner)

03/01 - The 1st Sunday in Lent celebrated at 9 am

03/01 - Voter's Meeting after service

03/01 - Bible Class at 10:30 am

(Time permitting)

03/04 - Midweek Lent Worship - at noon

Welcome! We are pleased that you have come to worship with us today and we pray that you have been blessed by God and His Word. 

  • Relax      and enjoy your time with us. If you have small children; we know they      wiggle and squawk some; so do not be embarrassed, they are welcome at      Faith.
  • Yes,      we have a "cry room", but really, it is a place for you to sit      and let them "get it out" (or take care of some little one's needs),      and then let the little ones come back into His House.
  • In the      parts of the service that say "stand", if you cannot, then sit,      no problem.
  • If you      want to know more about us, then sign the register and make it plain so we      can contact you later. Ask the usher for a welcome packet too.
  • The      rest rooms are downstairs, just watch your step.
  • If you      need a little help, just ask; there are many people here that are willing      to lend a hand.
  • We      like to sing at Faith, so if your voice is not so good "who      cares?" But do look over the words at best, good hymns are good      instruction. Yes, some hymns are harder, but Pastor will always "sing      out more" and try to lead us on.

** Prayer Ministry at Faith Lutheran **

(Please note) - You may ask for a prayer before we begin worship at anytime. 

** NOTE ** I understand privacy is a concern for all, so prayers will only be listed here or announced with the OK from those in need. We want to pray as a family of Faith whenever possible, we really care.

For the world we live in, for His Church - 

  • For      good and wise government, our leaders. (Always)
  • First      Responders (Police and Fire) & Armed Forces (Always)
  • We      pray for Faith and St. Paul's - Austin, to continue      the work of sharing and proclaiming the Gospel (Always)

Comfort, health, recovery, grieving and hope (Faith family and friends) - 

  • Mrs.      Beckers cousin Marsha - heart issues.
  • David      Prentice III - His boss Crystal Cannan's sister is gravely ill.

As Age takes its toll / Long Term Needs (Faith family and friends) - 

** Note ** these prayers have been requested for our corporate worship.

  • Belinda      / Hugo Gonzalez (Pat's niece and husband) - multiple health issues. (L)
  • Mr.      VanTholen's brother - suffering with cancer
  • Deacon      and Mrs. Graves friend Ken - suffering with cancer
  • Mrs.      Smith's sister in law's-sister, fighting stage 4 cancer.

Anniversary of Marriage and Birthdays of our members - none

** Faith worship / service notes **

Next week's Bible passages: (Sunday Service)

Genesis 3:1-21, Psalm 32:1-7, Romans 5:12-19, Matthew 4:1-11

(Celebrating - The 1st Sunday in Lent, series "A")

Theme for this Day– God revealed His majesty to Moses in flame, shrouded in a mysterious cloud, ultimately preparing Moses to receive the Law of God. Peter, James, and John also bear witness to Jesus' majesty on the Mount of Transfiguration; but of paramount importance is not just the glorious appearance of Jesus but the revelation of something more sure-His prophetic Word. This is the very Word that demands our listening, inspires our believing, and confirms our confessions.

Easter Schedule 2020- On the Web and a paper copy is in the back. 

Bible Study, new course continues today - We are in the beginning of a study of the Liturgy (the worship of the Church and its people); please join us downstairs.

Church Voter's Meeting - March 1 after the service. If the meeting is quick, we will have Bible Study following.

Portals of Prayer- The latest edition is in the back. Please take a copy, share a copy or two…we have plenty. Would be nice to run out of them!

Join us for Midweek Lent if able - it is at noon. Now if you still want to attend a service in the evening (and if you all cry out for one, Faith will host - just let Pastor know); but St. John's Wheaton has Taize Service at 7 pm. I may stop in a few times…an interesting setting. They are always welcoming. 

Service setting change for Lent - Not sure yet, but "may" use Divine Service 5 with some alterations…stay tuned. Remember, we tone it down (and even though the Sunday's are not counted in Lent), we still omit the "Gloria's" and the "Alleluia's".

>> Everything else you need to know at Faith


** Faith is Mission  Minded **

Invitation - Word of mouth is still a great way spread the Good News. And please think about inviting a friend or family member to the Ash Wednesday service and potluck beforehand.

The Web Site - It is continually being updated, and has the Easter 2020 schedule published. Perhaps this is a good time to invite a friend.

Mission Table in the back - Take a publication, read it, share it…

Publications Table in Basement - There is a whole bunch of material you may take and share if you like. Take a look.

** Faith information (all else) **

Address Book for 2020 - Please take a copy…if we need to make changes, we shall do so.

Ash Wednesday Potluck- sign up in the back. If you like, tell us what dish you will bring, but at best, let us know if it is a starter, main course, or dessert.

Ushers - we always need greeters, and if you are interested, speak up.

Church Choir? - Interested for the Easter Season?? We can try some simple things; perhaps just lead the congregation in a harder hymn? A choir of 1 is a solo, a choir of 2 is a duet, on and on.

Budget Numbers, Church Statistics - grab an orange sheet in the back.

Guest Musicians - Once again, interested or if you know someone, have them stop by and chat with Miss Stolpe.

Open Positions for Council - President, Vice-president, Dir. of Stewardship, Dir. of Parish Fellowship, and Dir. of Evangelism…any interest, tell Pastor. We can use the help…and leadership.