Sunday Morning Seekers Worship

What is this Service?

We get it, sometimes you get up late. Sometimes you want a more informal (yet liturgical) setting...that will lead you to the gifts in the Divine Service.  Whatever the reason, come join us.

The iconic picture here portrays the Ethiopian Eunuch who encounters the Apostle Philip. The eunuch was seeking Jesus, Philip explained all about Jesus and then Baptized him.

Be that seeker, come and join us. Hear the Good News.

When and what time? How long?

It is the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11:30 a.m. To start off this time, we will use the LSB setting of Prayers and Preaching.

Let's figure 1/2 hour (yes, I am a football fan, and we may only miss a few minutes of any game).

Why? Why?

Why not? Jesus offers so much. The Lutheran Church (we are LCMS) offers so much in a right teaching of the Scriptures. Yes, we are not Roman Catholic, Baptist, Mormons, etc. So perhaps this is a time to come, seek Jesus, and seek the difference we offer. It does not hurt to take a look.

Need more information?

Please call or email us.