This Week's Bulletin Information (a portion)


For the Upcoming Week.


The Coming Week(s) in Worship / Special Events at Faith - 

03/28 Concord and Coffee - 7:00 p.m.

(Note - date change from last bulletin)

03/31 4th Sunday in Lent  - 9:00 a.m.

(Holy Communion - setting is back to Divine Service 5)

03/31 Bible Study follows

04/03 Lent Midweek Service - Morning Prayer - noon

04/07 5th Sunday in Lent  - 9:00 a.m.

(Holy Communion - setting is Divine Service 5)

04/07 Bible Study follows

Welcome! We are pleased that you have come to worship with us today and we pray that you have been blessed by God and His Word. 

  • Relax      and enjoy your time with us. If you have small children; we know they      wiggle and squawk some; so do not be embarrassed, they are welcome at      Faith.
  • Yes,      we have a "cry room", but really, it is a place for you to sit      and let them "get it out" (or take care of some little one      chores), and then let the little ones come back into His House.
  • In the      parts of the service that say "stand", if you cannot, then sit,      no problem.
  • If you      want to know more about us, then sign the register and make it plain so we      can contact you later. Ask the usher for a welcome packet too.
  • The      rest rooms are downstairs, just watch your step.
  • If you      need a little help, just ask; there are many people here that are willing      to lend a hand.
  • We      like to sing at Faith, so if your voice is not so good "who      cares?" But do look over the words at best, good hymns are good      instruction. Yes, some hymns are harder, but Pastor will always "sing      out more" and try to lead us on.

** Prayer Ministry at Faith Lutheran **

(Please note) - You may ask for a prayer before we begin worship at anytime. I mean it, anytime before the Invocation. 

** NOTE ** I understand privacy is a concern for all, so prayers will only be listed here or announced with the OK from those in need. We want to pray as a family of Faith whenever possible, we really care.

For the world we live in, for His Church - 

  • For      good and wise government, our leaders. (Always)
  • First      Responders (Police and Fire) (Always)
  • We      pray for God's Church, to be guided forward by the Holy Spirit. (Always)

Comfort, health, recovery, grieving and hope (Faith family and friends) - 

  • Belinda      and Hugo Gonzalez (Pat's niece and husband) - multiple health issues.

She is seeking more opinions, still searching.

  • Peter      Schmalfeldt - prayer of thanks, out of hospital
  • Pat      Basile - heart surgery recovery, at rehabilitation facility.

As Age takes its toll / Long Term Needs (Faith family and friends) - 

  • Pat      Basile (A)
  • Zafer      (Kim's relative) - Stage 4 pancreas cancer. (L)

Anniversary of Marriage and Birthdays of our members - none

Please remember our Church members who cannot make it - do not hesitate to call or write them (pray for them): 

Larry and Kuni Dvorak  

** Faith being Mission Minded – sharing Christ’s love with others **

The Website for Faith - Always up to date. Please, tell a friend; and offer suggestions.

Invitation - Are you sharing the Good News of our Church and telling a friend, "stop in"? Not easy, I get it…but if so, why? How can the Church help?

** Faith worship / service notes **

In Lent - We do omit the Alleluia's (OK, some noted in Ash Wednesday I did not, an oversight). Is it mandatory? No, it is just a custom and tradition to set a more reflective tone to the service. In essence, we have lost our joyous voice and will find it again on Easter Morning.

Next week's Bible passages for your study preparation: (Sunday Service)

Isaiah 12:1-6, Psalm 32, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21, Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

(For the 4th Sunday in Lent)

Year C of the Three Year Lectionary Series 

Theme for this Day – Throughout the Holy Scriptures, the Lord inspires several refrains that shape the confession of the Church-repent and live, abhor evil, flee destruction, and love righteousness! The justice of Christ's righteousness abolishes the merits of good works; He redeems those who genuinely repent of their iniquity. These are the ones upon whom He bestows eternal life. By human standards, this is questionable justice. By divine standards, it is total Grace! He will do it! 

Lent and Easter 2019 - continues!

Please, tell a friend, invite a family member!

** Faith information (all else) **

Pastor on vacation - I will be coming back Tuesday! Thanks to Deacon Graves, who in good order will deliver my sermon for today and lead us in worship.

Emergency Contact Information for Pastor - 

01) Call Pat as number is listed above. Perhaps the best, she knows how to get me at all times.

02) Call the Church phone, an email is sent.

03) Drop a note from the Web Site, an email is generated.

04) Email / call pastor.

Next Concord and Coffee - March 28 at 7 pm. We continue our reading of the Book of Concord. This is our Confession of Faith penned by the Lutheran Reformers.

We need Church Officers - Are you willing to step up and help the Church? If interested, see Pastor. Open positions for Stewardship, Fellowship, Evangelism, President, and Vice-president. 

Now for all those that help out, especially Altar Guild, Counters, etc. a "big thanks" for all your work. Keep it up! Please…