This Week's Bulletin Information (a portion)

For the Upcoming Week.


The Coming Week(s) in Worship / Special Events at Faith - 

11/21 Eve of Thanksgiving - 7:00 p.m.

11/22 Day of Thanksgiving - 9:00 a.m.

11/25 Christ the King Sunday - 9:00 a.m. 

(Holy Communion celebrated - Divine Service 3)

11/25  Let's get the Church decorated after service…"tree trim"

11/25  Bible Study - Paused  - 10:30 a.m.

** Prayer Ministry at Faith Lutheran **

(Please note) - You may ask for a prayer before we begin worship at anytime. I mean it, anytime before the Invocation. 

** NOTE ** I understand privacy is a concern for all, so prayers will only be listed here or announced with the OK from those in need. We want to pray as a family of Faith whenever possible, we really care.

For the world we live in, for His Church - 

  • For      good and wise government. (Always)
  • We      pray our little Church is guided forward by the Holy Spirit. (Always)

Comfort, health, recovery, grieving and hope (Faith family and friends) - 

  • Mr.      VanTholen, preparing for upcoming surgery.

As Age takes its toll / Long Term Needs (Faith family and friends) - 

  • Pat      Basile (A)
  • Zafer      (Kim's relative) - Stage 4 pancreas cancer. (L)

Anniversary of Marriage and Birthdays of our members - none

Please remember our Church members who cannot make it - do not hesitate to call or write them (pray for them): 

Larry and Kuni Dvorak Ruth Brockmann Richard Kaapke 

** Faith being Mission Minded – sharing Christ’s love with others **

The New Website for Faith - It is always up to date, use it, and share it. The staff works very hard to keep it viable for the tech savvy, web users, and smart phone owners. 

Mission Table in back - Always some good information and we try to change it up. Please share what you find, especially the upcoming Thanksgiving through Christmas Day Schedule. There is a also a nice little tri-fold that highlights our Church.

Faith Church Care Information - We have created a brochure for needed information in case someone is hurting or in need. If someone comes for a food request, please had one of these to them was well.

Paraments - Yes, should be green, but Pastor decided to keep up the generic white until we move to the Blue Advent paraments. We will change the banner for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving to Christmas Schedule - Yes, it is in the back, ready for you to share.

Basement Table - Have you looked downstairs? There is a whole bunch of magazines, and the like for the taking to perhaps help you in any way. 

** Faith worship / service notes **

Next week's Bible passages for your study preparation: (Sunday Service)

Isaiah 51:4-6, Psalm 93, Jude 20-25, Mark 13:24-37

Year B of the Three Year Lectionary Series 

Theme for this Day – God's people endure significant hardship. God intervenes, providing protection, sacrifice, and courage. He commands the archangel Michael to care for Israel. Christ, the great High Priest, offers Himself as the pure sacrifice for all sins. Therefore, our heavenly Father graciously remembers our rebellious sins and lawless deeds no more. What comfort as we are propelled toward the Day of Judgment - a day marked by persecution, war, famine, and earthquakes! And yet, in the midst of these hardships, faith endures.

Chanting the Psalm - Trying something a bit new, half verse by half verse. Also, in this DS 3 setting, the Gloria Patri does conclude the Psalm. We have been doing very good on that…the "Glory Be" in facts puts a Christian end-cap to the Psalm (something the early Church has been doing).

** Faith information (all else) **

Bible Study, discussing prayer - We will take up prayer and what it means to pray, and some ideas on how to pray. It seems an appropriate extension from our brief Study of Trials and Affliction. Prayer is one tool to seek God's help, change His mind, even to argue with God at times.

Tree Trim - Next week, because Mr. VanTholen is having surgery following, and he is a key component in the supervisory work and build of the tree. Bible Study will pause.

The Berghaus Organ - It was tuned up this past Wednesday. I did ask about the cipher issue, and was reminded; tracker organs can be a bit finicky with humidity changes. The mechanical arm from key to pipe is the issue. 

Memorials - for Christa Scardina from:

  • Eunice      Becker (2nd post)
  • Carolyn      Pampenella (2nd post)