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Current actions with COVID-19 (Updated)

From Pastor Prentice (Note) Sermons being posted under Worship

Update 5/28/2020 - June 15 is our first scheduled worship service. Please watch for more updates or send us a request. We will be emailing and calling our flock with details on our "safe to worship" planning.

Update 5/23/2020 - We are planning to re-open in June, the exact date is TBD. Please watch the WEB SIte for more details as we close in. The plan to worship safely will be posted as well.  If you want more details, send us a message request and Pastor will reply. For now, continue to stay safe and as Momma said, "say your prayers", and we will be back. Remember, God never left us, we just paused in our classic worship style for a moment in time...

Update 5/2/2020 - since we closed down 3/17/2020

The church and religious organizations are getting mixed signals in May. Stay closed, or open with under 10 following guidelines; but better to do online and drive in.  There are challenges being made in courts...but I want to focus on what is right for our people at Faith (and those that may enter His house here).

We are told to respect leadership, and we do so. We pray for leaders, both parties.

Very soon, we will be laying out plans to reopen. We intend to respect leaders, but we also know the people of God crave and desire Word and Sacrament; you can listen to a sermon online, but the Eucharist cannot be done online or via video. Nope, and if some say it can, run from those false shepherds fast!

How do we do this and not burden consciousness, to be determined shortly. And when we open again soon, no one demands you to come. Your faith in Christ has saved you, not the times you attend worship service; yet, attending worship bolsters faith, and gives courage to the heart of the faithful, in the midst of these challenging times. Yes, some will wait, others want to receive Word and Sacrament in His church, the sanctuary space that brings peace and calm.

Yes, soon the call of this shepherd to his flock will come...and whether some come right away, or hang tight...all is good.

Pastor Prentice

 (New Note) - Because of the recent extension into May (and perhaps beyond); we truly are not sure when we can safely re-open and care for our flock.  Sort of like making changes to a plane, while in the air...not easy. But please, hang in there...keep praying, listen to our devotions, call pastor if in some Bible! Stay well...

Dear Members of Faith Lutheran Church of Westchester,

Regretfully, it has come to this: Everything at Faith is cancelled until further notice.
This decision has been made to best care for an aging congregation. And we do have some young ones too...
At the center of it lies this question: How best can we serve God and love our neighbors in this troubled time and place?
For now, closing Faith to all public gatherings is the best answer.
Please note: I still at work. If you need care, then call me at 708-343-1030, or send an email via WEB Site.
Soon, we pray, all of it—Liturgy, Eucharist, Bible Studies, Beauty, Community, and Joy—will be restored.
Until then, I am working on posting sermons, etc. to the WEB and FB.
More news will follow, but because the circumstances of the Covid-19  pandemic are changing so rapidly, it is best to get this notice out to  your right now.
Pray for Faith! Pray for our world! Beg for the mercy of Jesus!
Pastor Prentice

(NOTE) If any member needs me for prayers, consultation, etc., sharing  the love of me...please. The church will still be  available for your soul's needs. I have the keys and heat is on.... 


Some more about us.

In today's world, sadly, churches are not all the same. This church is confessional, catholic, denominational...and that matters. We follow a historic practice that comes from the Word of God, and yes, molded by the Reformers. Complicated? Perhaps...yet, important because we do not make things up as we go along. We believe God's Word speaks still, but it was spoken in the Bible. We cannot change His Word, yet we must understand it. So "come to church".

Sin is a tough thing to a world and its people that are hurting - we offer a solution (and it begins with the cross) Yes, the cross...Christ died on it, and then rose. Foolishness to some, life to many!

As you can tell, a chair is waiting for you at Faith...OK, perhaps not this close for some; but in Jesus eyes, you are right up front in His heart (ours too).

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