Bible Study after service - we are continuing our study of the Liturgy.

Some more about us.

In today's world, sadly, churches are not all the same. This church is confessional, catholic, denominational...and that matters. We follow a historic practice that comes from the Word of God, and yes, molded by the Reformers. Complicated? Perhaps...yet, important because we do not make things up as we go along. We believe God's Word speaks still, but it was spoken in the Bible. We cannot change His Word, yet we must understand it. So "come to church".

Sin is a tough thing to a world and its people that are hurting - we offer a solution (and it begins with the cross) Yes, the cross...Christ died on it, and then rose. Foolishness to some, life to many!

As you can tell, a chair is waiting for you at Faith...OK, perhaps not this close for some; but in Jesus eyes, you are right up front in His heart (ours too).

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Faith Lutheran Church of Westchester

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