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Greetings from Faith and His Church

Greetings to all,

First of all, check out the Easter 2020 schedule on the "Special Events" drop down...


Christmas will come and go (we celebrate every year), but God Himself is still with us through Word and Sacrament. Jesus is present in very special ways...yet some may not understand or "get it". That is why you need to take a chance and come. Sit and listen, hear the Word of God. See the visuals  of the stained glass, the adorned altar, etc.

It is a crazy and hard charging world, but come into His Church, His Presence and slow down for a moment. Let God recharge the batteries so to speak.

But one thing never changes, the Lord through His Son Jesus has blessed us beyond belief. Come join us and hear the Gospel, the Good News every Sunday.

Pastor Prentice

Looking for a Church Home?

I am so glad you are spending a few moments checking out Faith Lutheran.  We are a small Church, and friendly to all visitors. We are a confessional Church, we follow the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions that speak of what we believe. We are a Church that worships in a high liturgical style; we come into God's presence to be provided Word and Sacrament. Yes, so many of late think the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod is backward on many issues.  So sad, I say "this is what God says in His Word." God's Word does not change. Bottom line. The Bible.  Is it God's Word? Or is it words about God? It does matter. 

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God speaks in the liturgy, He acts in the Absolution for sinners, He feeds with His Body and Blood. He guides us and brings us to Salvation by His saving Word. Join us.