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The Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus Divinity

The Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus Divinity

The Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus DivinityThe Transfiguration of Our Lord February 23 We glimpse Jesus Divinity

Policies at Faith

Holy Communion Statement

Our worship service is open to all; however, as a matter of faith, we practice close (some say closed) communion. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated at this congregation in the confession and the glad confidence that, as he says, our Lord gives into our mouths not only bread and wine but his very body and blood to eat and to drink for the forgiveness of sins and to strengthen our union with him and with one another. Our Lord invites to his table those who trust his words, repent of all sin, and set aside any refusal to forgive and love as he forgives and loves us, that they may show forth his death until he comes again. Because those who eat and drink our Lord’s body and blood unworthily do so to their great harm and because Holy Communion is a confession of the faith which is confessed at this altar, any who are not yet instructed, in doubt, or who hold a confession differing from that of this congregation and The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, and yet desire to receive the sacrament, are asked first to speak with the pastor.

If you are a child that does receive early Communion at your LCMS Church, you must speak with Pastor before you attend (in doubt, ask Pastor).

For further study, see Matthew 5:23f; 10:32f; 18:15-35; 26:26-29; 1 Cor. 11:17-34


Use of Hall

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Marriage at Faith


It is the desire that a man and woman unit in marriage when the time is right and appropriate. Here are the policies that are in place concerning weddings at this Church:

  • Members  of Faith Lutheran Church are eligible to be married at the Church, please  contact Pastor Prentice to begin the process.
  • Non-members  “may” be married at Faith, but are asked to join us in Divine Worship and  possibly seek membership at Faith.
  • A  period of pre-marital instruction will precede all marriages.
  • One important part of marital instruction is checking up on the newlyweds.  After 6 months of marriage, the Pastor will arrange for post-marital counseling. This will most likely be an evening where we get together and  talk over married life with a focus on how God is part of the equation.
  • When creating a wedding service, God’s Word will always be the central focus, so all hymns, readings, and other suggestions must be discussed with  Pastor Prentice before we compile the wedding bulletin. Please be aware,  only readings from the Holy Scriptures will be allowed.
  • To be  married in Faith’s sanctuary, you must ask permission of the Church  Council. You may ask the Pastor and he will forward the request date(s) to  the Council at the next meeting.
  • The Church also has a basement and a kitchen that “can” be used for the  wedding reception; the Church Council must be requested as well.


Church attendance

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