Pentecost 2020

Based on the Gospel of John 7:37-39

Ascension of Our Lord

We use this Gospel for this Sunday, Luke 24:44-53. Yes, some churches do remember the Ascension on a Sunday, if they do not have a service during the week.

Sixth Sunday of Easter 2020

A sermon on the Gospel for this Sunday, St. John, chapter 14:15-21

Mother's Day 2020

Some of God's wisdom and love through the lens of Biblical Moms.

Easter Sunday 4 Sermon

This sermon / devotion is based on the Gospel of St. John, chapter 10, verses 1-10. Grab a Bible, read over, and Psalm 23 too.

Easter Sunday 3 (3rd Sunday of Easter)

A brief devotion based on the text from Luke's Gospel: Luke 24:13-35

Easter Sunday 2 - Devotion

Based around the Gospel appointed for this Sunday. St. John's Gospel, chapter 20, verses 19 through 31.

Easter Sunday Sermon 2020

From the pulpit at Faith Lutheran Church.

Easter Greeting 2020

As you can tell, the paraments are not changed yet...waiting to come together as community, gathered around Word and Sacrament. Here is the Gospel for today. God is still the same, in charge, Jesus has defeated death and its sting, the Holy Spirit still opens our hearts...but I miss gathering around the table of our Lord for the Sacrament. We can only do that as Church

Midweek 3 Devotion

The Word of Hope

Midweek 4 Devotion

The Word of Faith

Palm Sunday 2020

We begin Jesus journey to the cross.

Maundy / Holy Thursday Sermon for 2020

Jesus IS the Lamb, the blood shed to free us from sin...

Good Friday Desk Devotion / Sermon 2020

The text is John 19:30.